The Eating Experience

Salm Partners supplies a number of National Brand Marketing Leaders. In independent consumer testing conducted by the research team at Purdue University, products produced with our systems were preferred by consumers.

(All data below reflects 8-9 rating on a 9 point scale)

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Salm Partners' products are preferred over natural casing products by +55% on the key Purchase Intent measures.

Food Safety

Product is cooked in the package thus:

  1. Eliminating pathogen and spoilage concerns.
  2. No exposure to the environment after cook and chill process.
  3. Elimination of antimicrobial ingredients:
    • Result is a simpler and cleaner label.
    • Extended refrigerated shelf life by +50% to 150 days or more, allowing for more effective inventory management.

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Production systems

Salm Partners is the leader in co-extrusion technology:

  1. Led the conversion from natural casing to collagen co-extruded, cooked-in-package products in the dinner sausage category.
  2. Salm Partners operates half of all the co-extrusion, cook-in-package systems in the United States. Salm Partners has over 100 million pounds of production capacity.