Our Innovative Process

Step 1

Meat blends are fully vacuumized during stuffing, eliminating the chance for oxidation and off flavors

Step 2

Sausage blends are ground "in-line" immediately prior to extrusion to maximize sausage particle definition characteristics.

Step 3

Beef collagen gel is co-extruded, or enrobed, around the continuous sausage rope to form the casing. Skin texture can be adjusted at this step.

Step 4

Sausage is cut to desired link length and conveyed in baskets in a continuous process to the cooking tower.

Step 5

Product is conditioned and smoked in the continuous cooking tower to achieve the desired surface color and texture

Step 6

Surface conditioned, raw product is conveyed to packaging

Step 7

Product is vacuum packaged, labeled and code-dated in flexible film roll stock packaging machines

Step 8

Sausage is water-cooked in the package, under vacuum. Cooking in the absence of oxygen ensures fresher flavor delivery

Step 9

Cooked, packaged product is immediately conveyed through a continuous water chill, rapidly chilling the product to less than 40°F

Step 10

Cooked and chilled packages are case-packed, palletized and moved to a refrigerated warehouse.